Reservation and Cancellation

1. Reservation

  • A deposit of 40% of the total tour fee is required at the time of confirmation of the reservation.

2. Final Payment

  • The final payment of 60% of the total tour fee is due 90 days prior to the departure date. If your payment is not received by the due date, the reservation will be subject to cancellation without notice and the deposit will be forfeited. If a booking is made within 90 days of the departure date, full payment is due immediately.

3. Price Guarantee

  • Explore! TCM Tours makes every effort to provide accurate quotations for travel in China. However, if dramatic financial changes occur in the valuation of the US Dollar, relative to the RMB, additional cost may be incurred for travel and lodging. Of course, Explore! TCM Tours will keep you informed of any significant changes in fares.

4. Credit Cards

5. Changes in Plans

  • For any changes you make to your reservation within 60 days of departure that affect destination, departure date, program extension and/or traveler names, a minimum of $150 per person administrative charge applies, in addition to any other fees imposed by airlines, hotels, etc.

6. Cancellation

  • All cancellation requests must be done by fax or mail. Telephone / verbal cancellation is not accepted.

The following fee will be assessed per person accordingly when you cancel your reservation:

  • Up to 90 days prior to departure: Full refund less a $100.00 administrative fee per person, plus credit card charges if applicable.
  • 90 to 60 days prior to departure: 50% refund plus credit card charges if applicable.
  • Less than 60 days: 100% forfeiture of the tour price per person
  • Refund on unused or changed tour arrangement: Portions of land arrangements, hotel accommodations or any other service or feature of the tour which are not used are neither refundable nor exchangeable.
  • In addition to the above stated cancellation charges, tour participant could be assessed additional charges from land suppliers, cruise companies and airlines, which could amount to over US$1,000 or more if cancellation occurs within 60 days from departure date. Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended.

General Conditions

1. Tour Price

  • All tour prices are in US dollars and are based on tariff and rates of currency exchange in effect at the time of booking. These rates are subject to change without prior notice as deemed necessary and fair by Explore! TCM Tours.

2. Passports / Visa

  • All passports must be valid for at least seven months from departure date for all tour participants. All documents / tickets will be issued under passport name. Explore! TCM Tours is not responsible if you are denied entrance for any reason in a foreign country, even if you have a valid passport and visa. All visa fees are non-refundable for any reason.

3. Air Transportation

  • Air transportation for all tours is based on round trip economy class. Explore! TCM Tours endeavors to follow the itineraries precisely; however, if flights are not available at the scheduled time, we reserve the right to modify the air and land arrangements for smooth operation of the tour. All airfares are subject to change without notice.

4. Hotels

  • When the hotel listed in the itinerary is not available, the same category hotel or better will be substituted.

5. Room Shares

  • We offer assistance in arranging room shares but cannot guarantee that one will be available. Singles who wish to share with another should request this at time of booking and will be booked as a single but willing to share if possible. Pre-payment of the single supplement will be required to complete the reservation. If at departure there is another person willing to share then the single supplement will be refunded. Explore! TCM Tours takes no responsibility for compatibility of roommates, or for their actions.

6. Baggage

  • Baggage is at owner's risk throughout. For traveler's convenience, baggage allowance is suggested to one piece per person each for check-in and carry-on baggage. Excess baggage charge and insurance is at owner's responsibility.

7. Tour Fare does not include

  • Air transportation other than stipulated in the actual itinerary, international airport embarkation taxes, foreign airport taxes, transportation of heavy baggage in excess of applicable allowance, insurance premiums, visa fees, departure airport fee and tips to tour director, tour guides, drivers and in hotels.

8. Shopping

  • Explore! TCM Tours does not take any responsibility for any items purchased at shops on the tour. Any after sales correspondence must be between the traveler and the store themselves.


Explore! TCM Tours, as tour operator, acts only as an agent. All travel arrangements included in this trip are made on participant's behalf upon express condition that neither Explore! TCM Tours nor its agents shall be liable or responsible in the absence of its (or their) negligence for any direct, indirect, consequential, or irregularity of any kind which may be accessioned by reason of any act or omission of any person or entity, including without limitation, any act of negligence or breach of contract of any third party such as an airline, train, motor coach, private car, cruise vessel, boat, or any other conveyance, hotel, sightseeing provider, local ground handler, etc., which is to or does supply any goods or services for this trip. Participant understands that Explore! TCM Tours neither owns nor operates such third party suppliers and accordingly agrees to seek remedies directly and only with those suppliers, nor hold Explore! TCM Tours responsible for their acts, omission or commission. Explore! TCM Tours and its agents are not responsible for any losses or expenses due to delay or changes of schedule, overbooking of accommodations, default of any third parties, sickness, weather, strike, acts of God, acts of terrorism, force majeure, acts of government's civil disturbances, war, quarantine, customs regulations, epidemics, criminal activity or for any other cause beyond its control. All such losses or expenses have to be borne and paid for by the participant.

Explore! TCM Tours accepts no responsibility for value, reliability, quality or authenticity of any goods purchased while on tour or for any mailing, freight or shipping arrangements. Explore! TCM Tours reserves the right to decline, to accept, or retain any person as a tour participant, should such person's health, mental condition, physical infirmity or general deportment impede the operation of the tour or the rights, welfare or enjoyment of other tour participants.


Explore! TCM Tours has a zero tolerance policy concerning the use or possession of illegal drugs, antisocial, dangerous, violent, or irresponsible behavior.  If a person is required to leave the tour, unused portions of the tour will be subject to forfeiture.  Damages incurred with any supplier by a member of the group will be the sole responsibility of the individual member (s) and/or the group.  The decision for discharge of any individual from the tour is at the sole discretion of the Tour Leader.


Likewise, Explore! TCM Tours has a zero tolerance policy for breaches of local laws.  Such offences will result in immediate expulsion from the tour.  Explore! TCM Tours will have no further responsibility for said traveler or further obligation to provide services.  Expelled travelers will be "on their own."


Since Explore! TCM Tours has a close relationship with the Ministry of Health for the People's Republic of China, we must insist that, while visiting China, our guests abide by the laws, rules and regulations of the PRC.  To this end, Explore! TCM Tours prohibits guests from religious proselytizing, the display or distribution of:  movies, videotapes, books (including religious texts), photos or representations of the Dalai Lama, photos or representations of the Tibetan National flag, any kind of publicity, advertising, banners, slogans, fliers, brochures or samples.


Explore! TCM Tours reserves the right to substitute hotels, and alter the itinerary, withdraw any tour and make any desirable alteration for the convenience of the operation of tours. Explore! TCM Tours reserves the right to cancel the tour prior to departure for any reason. Liability for such cancellation is limited to full refund of money received by Explore! TCM Tours, and this will constitute full settlement with the tour member.

All tour fares shown are based on the present value of foreign currencies in relation to the U.S. dollars in effect on the date of booking, and in current tariffs on the same date and are subject to change. The local handling travel agency reserves the rights to alter or adjust its costs. In the event that the local handling travel agency increases the cost of any service, tour fares are subject to adjustment. The right is reserved to cancel the tour prior to departure for any reason. In such case, a full refund of all payment will constitute a full settlement with the participants. The local handling travel agency, if utilized, has sole and exclusive control over the operation of all tours. The local handling travel agency reserves the right to make alterations or adjustments in the itinerary as to destinations, transportation, accommodations and all other services. Neither Explore! TCM Tours nor any subsidiary or affiliate of Explore! TCM Tours shall be responsible for any such alterations made by the local handling travel agency.

Baggage is carried at owner risk and baggage insurance is recommended. Explore! TCM Tours is not responsible for typographical or printing errors or omissions in this tour's itinerary.

You are required to have Travel Insurance in order to participate in any tour arranged by Explore! TCM Tours.
You will need to document that you have Travel Insurance prior to your final payment.

Explore! TCM Tours offersTravel Insurance at competitive rates through Access America®.

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Explore! TCM Tours accepts no responsibility for cost, which may occur as result of a participant failing to secure adequate insurance coverage, which coverage is required for travel. Generally, your health insurance does not cover expenses outside the USA. Explore! TCM Tours is not responsible for participant's visa or passport requirements, nor will a refund of unused services be made, nor reimbursement of any additional expenditure if a participant is denied entry to a country for this or any other reason.

The general conditions under which you agree to utilize the services of Explore! TCM Tours may not be amended in any way, except in writing, by an authorized officer of Explore! TCM Tours. By utilizing the services of Explore! TCM Tours, you agree that the exclusive venue for all claims shall be the County of Ada, State of Idaho and such claims shall be determined according to the laws and jurisdiction of the State of Idaho.

The issuance of an official Letter of Welcome to Explore! TCM Tours, tickets or vouchers shall be deemed to be consent to these Terms and Conditions. Guests who chose to opt out of the Terms and Conditions as stated above, will not be permitted to travel with Explore! TCM Tours. Acceptance to travel with Explore! TCM Tours is also considered to be consent to the above Terms and Conditions.