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Miscellaneous Medical Supplies
TSA Compliant Lock for Luggage Prescription Medicines
Travel alarm clock Aspirin or aspirin substitute
Small handheld calculator Decongestants
Sewing Kit Vitamins
Moist Towelettes Antacids
Individual packages of toilet paper Mild laxative
Hand Sanitizer Anti-diarrhea tablets
Phrase book Bandage Strips
Photocopies of passport, visa, credit cards, insurance, etc. Antibiotics (optional)
Diary or Journal Anti-fungal powder
Lightweight raincoat (optional…can buy in China) Copy of medical history, prescription duplicates, etc.
Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 30 or higher)
Lip Balm Dental Supplies
Broad Brimmed Hat (NOT GREEN COLOR)
Shoulder Bag or small day pack Toothbrush (optional…every hotel provides one)
Voltage Converter and plug adaptors Toothpaste
12 foot electrical extension cord (optional) Floss
Sunglasses Mouthwash
Address book
Spacesaver or similar compressible packing bags (optional) Carry-on Items

Personal Care Supplies
Slip-on socks
Razor and shaving supplies Gum/Candy
Feminine hygiene supplies Neck Pillow or inflatable pillow
Small package of Woolite or other laundry soap Compact Digital Camera
Contact lens solution Extra memory card for camera
Camera Batteries
Clothing Battery Charger
Security pouch or belt
Shirts or Blouses Cash/Traveler's Checks
Lightweight T-Shirts Gels, Liquids or Aerosols in 3 oz or smaller bottles
Underwear One quart zip top clear plastic bag for the 3 oz bottles above
Bathing Suit (optional)
Socks/Stockings Suits
Walking Shoes Ties
Pajamas/Robe Formal Wear
Light sweater or jacket Cocktail Dresses
High Heeled Shoes
Expensive Jewelry/Gold Chains etc.
Expensive Watches


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